AEI’s Values & Culture

Culture is not a passive force but an active discipline with a set of deliberate practices and mindsets. It makes the company resilient, adaptable and feeds our passion for continuing our progress and growth. Focusing on culture means focusing on the “how” and “why” of AEI, not the “what.” Answering the questions of why we exist and how we best accomplish together, shapes the “what” that we achieve each day.

1. Proud of our Work

We use our best efforts to deliver an excellent result.

2. Client Focused

We are client focused and responsive – our passion is exceeding expectations.

3. Impactful

We improve the quality of life of our customers and communities through responsible solutions to their most pressing challenges.

4. Entrepreneurial

We are adaptive, creative, resourceful and we look for ways to say “YES.”

5. Committed

We are “All-In”! You can count on us.

6. Cohesive

We are connected through respect and camaraderie.

7. Flexible & Independent

We encourage and value independence and trust each other to get it done.

8. Trusted

Our relationships are strengthened through honest, ethical and reliable action.

9. Passionate

We are passionate about each other and our clients. We are curious and eager to learn.

10. Resilient

We value diversity in backgrounds and opportunities because that makes us stronger. We have an empowering environment that attracts and retains the best.

Our Commitment to A Culture of Inclusion

AEI is known for our cohesive company identity and culture – Together, we thrive with pride and meaning. We provide a safe, supportive and rewarding work environment that our staff is proud of – we believe if our staff is successful, our clients will be best served and our company will thrive. As an employee-owned firm, we share in the value we create. We take the time to hire people who best fit our culture, and we invest in our staff through training and career development through mentorship programs and succession planning. Everyone (not just our managers) has the capacity to serve as leaders – leading by example how to embody the attitude, ethics, empathy and willingness to help inherent to our culture. We value respect, diversity and inclusion in recruitment, hiring and promotion.


AEI's CEO Action of Diversity & Inclusion

The principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are critical to our culture. We seek to:

  • Serve as a model of effective DEI programs and develop DEI-inclusive business practices that shift industry norms
  • Become a destination employer within property consulting with respect to DEI
  • Have a company leadership and staff that reflects our community demographics providing deep community engagement in the areas we operate
  • Through staff development, contribute to the diversity, equity and inclusion of our industry overall while delivering better business outcomes to AEI
  • Identify and develop diverse leaders who will lead/change the industry
  • Continue to develop a diverse vendor/partners network


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