AEI Consultants Celebrates Success: Congratulations to the Winner of the $50 Million HUD Grant in Wilmington!

In an exciting development for the city of Wilmington, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has recently awarded a monumental Choice Neighborhoods Implementation (CNI) grant of $50 million to the Wilmington Housing Authority and the City of Wilmington. The grant, announced by HUD Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman, is a significant step towards the redevelopment of the Riverside public housing development and the entire Northeast area.

This transformative grant is part of HUD’s commitment to revitalizing distressed public and assisted housing, fostering community development, and providing residents with essential services related to income, health, and education. Wilmington, Delaware, has demonstrated its dedication to neighborhood revitalization, and the HUD award represents a substantial investment to bring the city’s vision for Northeast Wilmington to fruition.

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Amidst this momentous occasion, AEI Consultants takes pride in having played an instrumental role in supporting the project’s success. Our environmental and building assessment services were vital in providing the necessary due diligence, risk management, and compliance strategies that contributed to the Wilmington Housing Authority and the City of Wilmington securing the HUD grant.

As we extend our congratulations to Wilmington on this achievement, AEI Consultants reaffirms its commitment to excellence in commercial property consulting. We celebrate this shared success and look forward to continuing our efforts in contributing to the success stories of our clients.

The Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant represents a significant investment in Wilmington’s future, and AEI Consultants is honored to have been part of this transformative journey. We congratulate the Wilmington Housing Authority and the City of Wilmington on their success and commend their commitment to community revitalization. As we celebrate this achievement, AEI Consultants remains dedicated to providing exceptional services and supporting our clients in their endeavors. Cheers to the success of Wilmington and to the bright future of Northeast Wilmington!

AEI Can Help You Secure Funding

In the wake of Wilmington’s triumph in securing the $50 million HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant, AEI Consultants reaffirms its commitment to assisting communities, organizations, and individuals in realizing their funding goals. Whether you are embarking on a transformative project or seeking financial support for your endeavors, AEI’s experienced professionals are here to provide comprehensive environmental and engineering services tailored to your unique needs. With a proven track record of contributing to successful funding applications, AEI Consultants stands ready to be your trusted partner in achieving your vision. 

As a seasoned HUD consulting firm, AEI boasts a dedicated HUD Team ready to provide expert assistance. Our services encompass a full suite of assessments, including:

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