Educational Institutions

Facilities Services

AEI provides an array of solutions to the obstacles that primary and secondary educational institutions encounter. Campuses with multiple buildings pose a unique challenge for maintenance, energy performance, compliance reporting and capital planning. Assessments can range from a quick overview ‘fatal flaw’ assessment that looks for significant issues to detailed studies modeled on scientific protocol.

No matter what the facility size, buildings are complex systems that require constant attention to protect the structure, occupants, and investments in the facility. AEI is prepared to assist educational clients in the management and oversight of building assets and large campuses through our team of experienced engineers and architects as well as environmental, energy and compliance reporting experts.

AEI’s talented and experienced group of engineers and building systems experts can address the challenges posed by facilities maintenance and management. We conduct proactive property and system assessments, while also identifying dynamic maintenance strategies.

Whether it involves maintenance and updating of a portfolio of facilities, the expansion an existing facility, or simply building performance optimization, our staff of environmental professionals, engineers, surveyors, and energy experts, consistently provide resourceful and reliable solutions.

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