Small Business Administration (SBA)

AEI is a pre-approved provider of environmental assessments for the majority of 7A and 504 SBA lending institutions, as well as Certified Development Companies (CDCs) in the U.S. Our experience and reputation streamline commercial real estate transactions and loan approvals for our clients.

AEI is involved with the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL) and stays up to date with the latest SBA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 50 10 regarding environmental assessments.

We understand that compliance with the SBA’s SOP is critical to on-time loan closing and a successful transaction. In addition, accurate due diligence may reduce risk for the SBA borrower in terms of assessing the current property condition.

Our offices in major metropolitan areas throughout the US provide our clients with cost-conscious and consistent quality service, regardless of project location.

Services Include:

504 Green Loans

SBA 504 Green Loans allow you to write more loans and more funding, and allows the same borrower to exceed the $5,000,000 loan limit. AEI Consultants work with banks and CDC’s to help them gain a competitive edge by offering the SBA 504 program to their business customers. The SBA requires a third party to write a report, and that’s where AEI comes in. AEI writes the verification report that gets attached to the SBA loan application that proves a borrower will meet the guidelines.

The SBA 504 Green Loan Program is designed to promote its public policy goals of reduced energy use. The SBA has consistently increased incentives for borrowers that save energy and produce renewable energy. Taking advantage of the SBA 504 will enable your borrowers to:

  • Go beyond the $5 million dollar debenture cap to unlimited
  • Increase the maximum loan amount from $5 million to $5.5 million
  • Either can be achieved with new construction projects, building purchases or building renovations

Most borrowers are taking advantage of the program by building renewable energy systems that are able to produce 10% of the energy they use in their property, which is the most used guideline for the loan limit extensions. Borrowers can qualify for additional funding by going green in one of two ways:

  • If relocating from one building to another, you may prove that the new building will be 10% more energy efficient than the old building. Similar opportunities exist for retrofits
  • Prove that the project will generate 10% of the electricity it uses from a renewable energy source

AEI takes the mystery out of the SBA 504 Green Loan process. We strive for energy intelligence through energy management and monitoring, and renewable energy. AEI has years of energy project implementation expertise, energy reporting, and experience with the 504 Green Loan program. Our depth and breadth of experience translates into creative, smart and low cost solutions for borrowers.

  • Record Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA)
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Peer Review and Desktop Reviews
  • Phase II Subsurface Investigations
  • Lead-Based Paint Assessments
  • Sewer Intrusive Investigation