Brett Byers

Vice President
Energy Efficiency Services

Brett Byers is currently the Energy Services Division lead. As the Division lead, and in conjunction with staff in the Division, he manages personnel work assignments, project workflows, report templates, electronic calculational/analytical tools, instrumentation, training, and proposals. Brett’s technical background began in 1979 while working in nuclear health physics for Knoll’s Atomic Power Laboratory at a nuclear propulsion prototype site. Subsequently he has worked in numerous commercial nuclear power plants as an outage health physics shift supervisor, nuclear health physics training specialist, and senior health physics technician. He began technical writing at around the same time and later became the site Health Physics Procedures Program Manager at the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant for Martin Marietta Energy Systems.

He has been involved in energy related projects and maintenance operations management since 1992, which included major equipment maintenance as well as being the site dual-licensed water and wastewater treatment plant operator. The roles included writing a source area pollution analysis for the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for two coal-fired boilers on the site; writing a permit application for the site’s rotating biological contactor wastewater treatment plant, which included the results of conducting a hydrologic evaluation of subsurface water flows to all locations within a 1-mile radius of the site; writing a corrosion control and remediation plan for the site’s public well water system (exceeded EPA action levels for dissolved metals); engineering and constructing a system to increase source water pH and eliminate H2S. Oversaw a water well-drilling operation into an isolated aquifer to ensure a “protected” water source for the property.

Brett began with AEI in 2017 as an Energy Services National Client Manager. In his words, “Energy Services has been the most demanding and rewarding job of my working life. It absolutely has fulfilled my desire to learn and grow in all regards. There is no status quo, there is only one way to go – love what you are doing and grow in it!”