Capital Planning SERVICES

Capital Planning Services

AEI’s Capital Planning team maps the future operational costs of buildings, campuses, and portfolios through assessment and predictive analysis.

What is Capital Planning?

Capital Planning is the process of understanding the future operational costs of your building(s)’ systems and equipment today through assessment and predictive analysis, aligning them with your short and long-term business objectives and planning toward those needs.

When Should Capital Planning Services Be Engaged?

  • Predictive budgeting for maintenance or system replacements is needed
  • Profitability of the firm or property is under scrutiny
  • Work orders are more than 30% reactive with a backlog
  • Deferred maintenance and life/safety issues are slipping through the cracks
  • Facility management for properties where ownership does not have direct oversight
  • Seeking risk mitigation through lease renewal

AEI’s Flexible Approach

AEI understands that as owners and managers, you have your own approach to managing your real estate asset(s) and mitigating risk. We provide flexibility in creating customized data sets.

Assessment of your facility or your portfolio of buildings can range 1 to 3 years from a quick overview of safety or immediate needs that involve short-term (one to three year) projections to long-term studies (10 to 30+ years), which are more common in capital planning.

Our approach incorporates the following:

Property Assessment

Utilizing a Facility Condition Analysis, our experts will evaluate your site and building systems as well as any other components. We’ll also conduct an inventory and quantification of your building(s) and site systems.

This allows us to assess the present condition and remaining useful life of the assets and note potential life/safety concerns and deferred maintenance.

Budget & Prioritize

Through Forecast Capital Expenditures, we will estimate costs for repair and replacement of any building and site systems or components necessary to maintain the building(s) in good condition. This process will also use predictive modeling to aid in funding decisions.

By understanding potential liabilities and anticipated Capital Expenditures, we are able to help you prioritize resources and fund deferred maintenance.

Capital Planning & Commercial Tenancy

Too often, an owner or property manager is forced to pay for a repair that the lease should have addressed before move-out. In addition to unexpected costs, property repairs delay move-in for a new tenant and impact bottom-line profits.

AEI helps landlords mitigate these risks by conducting system and equipment assessments at the time of pre-lease, lease renewals and lease exits.

Before Leasing

Using a Condition Benchmark Report, you can define existing conditions prior to tenant occupancy and outline the tenant’s responsibilities for maintenance and component replacement, thus reducing liability and avoiding conflicts and disputes.

Annually Throughout The Lease

A Walk-Through Report ensures your tenant is performing as-needed maintenance, repairs and replacements, and establishes a clear and open line of communication, which sets expectations and ensures that quality systems are maintained.

Before Lease Termination

Prior to lease termination, a Pre, Final Walk-Through Report identifies deferred maintenance and/or neglected capital expenditures and provides advanced notice for any security deposit deductions or requested funds for repairs/replacements, all of which holds the tenant accountable and helps to maintain the system quality.

Capital Planning Scope of Services

AEI’s Capital Planning Services allow you to be prepared and knowledgeable with reliable, centralized asset data that empowers effective maintenance, asset management, strategic planning, and reliable budgeting. Whatever your unique requirements, our team can map the future operational costs of your buildings, campuses, and portfolios with customizable solutions, such as:

Services Offered

  • Deferred Maintenance, Capital Planning Studies & Reports
  • Capital Reserve Analysis
  • Climate Risk Assessments
  • Building & Component System Remaining Useful Life Studies
  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • Baseline Property Condition Assessments
  • Limited Facility Condition Assessments
  • Asset Bar Coding
  • Pre-Lease Assessments, Lease Renewals & Lease Exit Strategies
  • Dilapidation Assessments
  • Building Envelope Assessments
  • Roof Assessments (Thermography, Inductance Testing,
  • Roof Coring & Assembly Installation Oversight)
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Data Collection & Population
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assessments
  • Building Commissioning or Retro-Commissioning Services
  • Energy Audits & Building Sustainability Consulting
  • Climate Mitigation Program Management
  • ESG Strategy, Consulting & Reporting
  • Carbon Footprint Consulting
  • Renewable Energy Pre-Development Services
  • Owner’s Representative Services to oversee implementation of proposed measures

If you would like a Capital Planning project, please contact us.

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Capital Planning Services

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