Capital Planning

Capital Planning Services 

AEI’s Capital Planning team maps the future operational costs of buildings, campuses, and portfolios through assessment and predictive analysis.

Our services enable clients to be prepared and knowledgeable with reliable, centralized asset data that empowers effective maintenance, asset management, strategic planning, and reliable budgeting. These services catalogue the building systems and evaluate the equipment in service. Capital Planning assesses the condition and the remaining useful life of building systems and equipment, allowing for costing-out of the maintenance, replacement, or enhancement of building systems.

AEI’s Capital Planning team brings experience in multiple disciplines including Architecture, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, HVAC Systems, Energy Analysis Engineering, Roofing and Envelope, Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems, ADA Compliance Engineering, and Vertical Transportation.

Capital planning is for all property types, most often used by Property Owners and Facility Managers to manage multiple buildings.

Facilities Condition Assessments (FCA)

Facility Condition Assessments are designed to help owners and investors understand the long-term value of their property based on its physical condition. This assessment then identifies the immediate repairs needed, budgets for repairs, and provides capital planning tables for future investment.

Each report will assign a Facility Condition Index (FCI) that compares the current maintenance costs to help our client determine the viability of each facility. AEI’s capital planning capabilities include traditional Property Condition Assessment services based on the current ASTM standards, in addition to:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) assessments
  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Bar Coding to track age, condition, and history
  • Asset Management Solutions via data management software

Additional Benefits

AEI Consultants empowers clients with reliable, centralized asset data, allowing for effective maintenance management, strategic planning, and reliable budgeting. This data can be transitioned into a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) allowing for rapid response in maintenance management and/or asset management software.

AEI provides cost-centric recommendations and observationally based asset information that can be relied upon for day-to-day operations, and reliable estimates of condition and remaining useful life for effective long-term growth planning. 

Additional services offered by AEI Capital Planning:
  • Deferred Maintenance and Capital Planning Studies and Reports 
  • Capital Reserve Analysis 
  • Building and Component System Remaining Useful Life Studies 
  • Facility Condition Assessments 
  • Baseline Property Condition Assessments 
  • Limited Facility Condition Assessments 
  • Asset Bar Coding 
  • Pre-Lease Assessments, Lease Renewals and Lease Exit Strategies 
  • Dilapidation Assessments 
  • Building Envelope Assessments 
  • Roof Assessments (Thermography, Inductance Testing, Roof coring, and Assembly Installation Oversight) 
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) data collection and population 
  • ADA Assessments 
  • BOMA Area Measurements 
  • Building Commissioning or Retro-commissioning Services 
  • Energy Audits and Building Sustainability
  • Climate Risk & Resilience Consulting