Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I ESA 

AEI has performed over 150,000 due diligence assessments throughout North America. The Phase I ESA is a report ordered by stakeholders in a commercial real estate transaction to mitigate risk regarding potential or existing environmental contamination at, or affecting, a property.

Phase I ESAs are an integral part of the environmental due diligence and decision-making process. Phase Is are typically required by lenders or purchasers to identify whether there is a potential for contamination or other conditions that may affect property values, pose a legal or financial liability, or affect the ability of the borrower to repay a loan obligation. Clients may also obtain a Phase I ESA in order to satisfy requirements of the “innocent landowner defense”, or liability against responsibility for a cleanup project.  

AEI’s Phase I ESA meets the most current ASTM Standard and can be customized to meet your unique needs. Our team of experienced and reliable professionals provide high quality reports for any site location or asset type. 

Limited Environmental Due Diligence Assessments

While limited assessments will not qualify you for Landowner Liability Protections (LLPs) under CERCLA, they can be a helpful preliminary assessment. AEI can provide the following Limited Due Diligence Assessments:
Environmental Transaction Screen (ETS)

An ETS is the most basic assessment, often ordered to meet ASTM 1528-06 Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process.

Limited Environmental Site Assessment (LESA)

A LESA is a more comprehensive assessment than an ETS, and the scope of work is usually customized to include certain components of ASTM Standard Practice E1527. 

Record Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA)

The RSRA is an inexpensive evaluation of Environmental Risk Level of a subject property as either being a “high or elevated-risk” or “low risk” for contamination. After regulatory and historical research review, the environmental professional will determine risk level which will determine if further investigation is recommended. 

Custom due diligence Scope Investigation

Due Diligence Assessment scopes vary from lender to lender. AEI Consultants offers custom scope investigations to our clients. 

If at any point the environmental professional conducting the assessment finds reason to believe there could be an environmental concern on the property, we may recommend the limited assessment be upgraded to a full Phase I ESA to provide the owner or lender with the liability coverage needed.