Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Phase II Subsurface Investigation

AEI’s Phase II Subsurface Investigations are designed to determine the presence of hazardous matter within soil and/or groundwater at a site 

When environmental due diligence goes beyond the scope of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, a Phase II Subsurface Investigation may be necessary to further evaluate the potential of contamination at the subject property.  

Once AEI completes the field investigation, a state-certified laboratory will conduct sample analysis of potential contaminants. AEI will then prepare a report signed by a state-designated professional geologist or engineer that details the analytical laboratory data and field investigation conclusions, along with any recommendations.

The nature of the risk at a site depends on the type of contaminant, concentration levels, media impacted, location, regional regulatory guidelines, and type of property. AEI’s team of experienced professionals understand the risks and guidelines in place to help our clients navigate all considerations.

If the Phase II Subsurface Investigation reveals the presence of a concern, it may be recommended that the site and contaminants be further characterized via additional Site Investigation. Through our well-established and longstanding relationships with local and state regulatory oversight agency personnel, AEI will craft creative solutions to achieve site closure and meet your needs as the property owner, while satisfying the agency’s mandate to protect human health and the environment.