Land Surveying & Mapping

Land Surveying & Mapping Services

AEI Consultants offers in-house survey experts across the United States who are experienced in providing a variety of complex professional land surveys.  Each individual site, or portfolio, provides AEI the opportunity to offer American Land Title Association (ALTA)/National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) Surveys, Topographic Surveys and Boundary Surveys in a responsive, cost effective and reliable manner.  

AEI’s expert team includes full time, in house, dedicated staff of surveyors and CAD experts. In addition to AEI’s ALTA team, AEIs fully staffed in-house zoning and urban planning experts have extensive and deep understanding of jurisdictions throughout all 50 states and will help identify zoning conformance issues concerning use, bulk density, setbacks, building height, parking requirements, and more.  AEI’s Zoning services are provided as stand-alone or can be packaged with any of our consulting services, offering the benefit of a single point of contact through project completion. 

AEI Consultants provides essential services to our clients:


The American Land Title Association (ALTA) is a national trade association whose active members engage in the title industry and businesses relating to real estate, sales, development, construction and finance.

AEI’s full time, dedicated staff is experienced in handling all steps of the ALTA Surveys process. The survey details findings concerning the property boundaries and how it may relate to title of a site.

The ALTA survey is a combination of boundary, title, and location surveys, which provides the maximum amount of land survey information for any transaction or development and are governed by the most recent “2021 MINIMUM STANDARD DETAIL REQUIREMENTS FOR ALTA/NSPS LAND TITLE SURVEYS” as adopted by American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors.  You may view the redlined version, outlining changes here.

Topographical Maps

The experienced surveyors at AEI provide physical features, elevations, contours and other available topographical representation for any site or part of site on which land being surveyed. A topographical map can be provided as a stand-alone service or in addition to an ALTA/NSPS Survey.

Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey is a formal way of defining the boundaries of a property. A Boundary Survey may be commissioned prior to buying or financing real estate assets. Defining the property boundaries is an important legal task that protects purchasers during a real estate transaction. Boundary surveys generally include property boundaries, buildings and possible encroachment.