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Holly Neber
AEI Consultants

Urban Land Institute Resilience Summit – January 25-27 (Virtual)

ULI’s Resilience Summit brings together a growing network of leaders in the field of real estate and resilience to share solutions to protect communities and investments from future climate risks.

This year’s summit features top government officials, NGO representatives, and executives from private design, construction, development, finance, and insurance companies.

AEI Consultants’ CEO, Holly Neber, and other panel experts to discuss ASTM Property Resilience Standard: “Asset Assessment for a Changing Climate.” This session to be held 1:45 pm Eastern, Wednesday, Jan. 26.



Environmental Bankers Association Winter Conference
January 26-28

AEI Consultants’ Executive Vice President for Sustainability, Karla King Esq., P.E., LEED AP

Climate Change and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues are taking center stage for lenders and borrowers as a result of evolving international standards and recent US Securities and Exchange (SEC) involvement.

Karla King, Esq., P.E., LEED VP
EVP, Sustainability
AEI Consultants

The panel will explore possible Climate Risk and ESG reporting/disclosure requirements; the impact on CRE due diligence, property values and loans; what mitigation initiatives are available for the industry; and data around “Green” investment trends. This session “Emerging Climate Change and ESG Disclosures will be held 1:00 pm Eastern, Thursday, Jan. 27.

Rachel Yockey
Director of Culture & Engagement
AEI Consultants

AEI Consultants’ Director of Culture and Engagement, Rachel Yockey 

Diversify your company and promote inclusivity by focusing on staff experience and engagement and overall company culture; by making positive changes in our companies, we can create positive changes in our industry.

This session includes live Q&A and will be held 11:30 am Eastern, Friday, Jan 28.




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